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Vitamins and You
The vitamins that are man made do not have the same results as ones that are plant or food based. It's important to understand that most sold in chains are made of chemicals. These pills if they even break down in your system deliver little to no nutrition. As one sanitation worker has told me the amount of pills they fine that are whole still with the logo or name on the pill. They passed through someone's body and never benefited them. Why waste your income on a product that will be flushed away.
You need to fuel your body with the best to achieve the fullest potential in wellness. Everyday our physical systems demand certain nutrients that may not be in our foods. This is impacting your body and well being daily. It is time for you to supplement it with a product line that will bridge those gaps. Women, men, seniors and kids all need to take supplements in today's high paced society.
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A Wide Spectrum Of Whole Foods
So here we are again singing the same old song. The best defense against vitamin deficiency is to eat a wide spectrum of whole foods. The Western world has access to a bonanza of the finest fruits, beans, seeds, nuts and vegetables, shipped from all over the globe, grown in remote soils from Israel to South America. We of all people should have no problem ingesting a surplus of every vitamin necessary for vibrant life and health.
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